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About Kitchy Retro

Kitchy Retro

Mark Scott

Lucy Dawlish

Lucy's love of the Bass Guitar shines through whilst she performs, with here face beams with joy and excitement during every gig. She has a unique style that reflect her love of the walking bass lines of the Double Bass from the 20s, and the Dixieland slap bass that has so much rhythm and movement. 

Here main love is her Peavey 5 string electric bass, its mellow with plenty of attack and gets people tapping their feet in no time at all.

Mark is the main vocals for Kitchy Retro and plays acoustic and electric guitars. 
He loves to play in a finger picking style that is reminiscent of the Gypsy Jazz era. However, his love of the blues, bluegrass and Appalachian music really influences his playing and song writing style, and ofen includes poignient story telling lyrics. But he does not forget the fun in the music which you can hear in the latest song 'Daisy'   

Mark and Lucy want people to have as much fun as they have whilst they play their music, and they really do make the effort.
Engaging with audince, with a little history of the songs, or a little story of whey they play a song. They even hand out sweets for the children Young and older if the Join in with some of the songs.
They are loved by the younger and older audience, because the are Fun Quirky and Entertaining.


KitchyRetro started in May 2012 where we had our first live gig Playing for a birthday party to around 100 people.
Since then Kitchy Retro have been going from strength to strength and have performed at some fantastic venues and events, including the Bowes Musium for their 125th anniversary and for the Ramblers association to celebrate the opening of the North East Heritage Way on top on the Causey Arch. 

The Kitchies (as they are often called) started out playing songs like 'Something Good' by the The Monkees and 'Joleen' by Dolly Parton amongst other songs, but as they looked onto some other songs they played, they noticed the history of many of the songs dated back to the early 20s. Songs like 'Rock Island Line' which was made famous in the 50s buy the skiffle band Lonnie Dunnigan but is actually a Leadbelly song. It was these kinds of songs that lead Mark and Lucy to explore the early American folk music, Apalachin Music and the more modern Bluegrass, they find the music exciting and you just can't help but smile when you hear people playing it.
They want to hold on to the roots of the American music and celebrate the style fun and excitement the music has to offer.
Their contemporary take on what they play, the songs they write and how they perform is a real testament to their love of the Americana music and it shines through in their performance.